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backyard birthday tattoos.
instagram @americayall
Inks Lake State Park, Texas.
instagram @americayall
New shirts in the shop!
new post up on from this weekends colorado trip with brotherstories


"From Austin to Denver"

This past weekend, my friend Jeremy (americayall) and I drove to Colorado. We slept in the back of my car & beside a glacier. We made new friends and gave hugs to old ones. We drank fancy coffee & local brews. Laughed at 3 A.M. jokes and listened to the same 10 songs. It was a weekend we both needed, and one I will cherish for a long, long time.

I threw together some iPhone video clips to share with you all.

Cheers, friends.

best weekend ever.
new post up on
portrait by my friends over at
so it goes…

one last tattoo together.
Inks Lakes, Texas.
instagram @americayall
instagram @americayall
camp vibes.
instagram @americayall
Kansas Scenes.
instagram @americayall
Mustang Island, Texas.
instagram @americayall
doing a pre-order for these this time around so we know how many to make. i’ll let the pre orders run for a week or so and then get them printed so they’ll be to you in time for the fourth of july!

summer of love, america y’all style. red, white and blue tie dyed mens Gildan t-shirt with a new arrowhead design by Joshua Minnich.  $22 (free shipping, usa only).